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Paid social media advertisement has become a basic necessity for any business. By using social media advertising, business owners can target specific audiences related to their business. Social media advertising gives you many other custom advertising options by which you can easily customize your ad campaign according to your goals. ITEconic will enhance your social ad performance while tracking and maximizing impact across your entire marketing campaign.

What is Advertisement Media?

Savvy brands use digital presence for their customer ease. by searching, people can easily find out about their business. This will increase the growth of their business.

As shown by Google, there are over 3.5B searches done every day and half of the buyers visit a store after searching on their mobile phone within one day. That’s why digital presence has a high effect and it is information-rich ways for brands.

Our process begins with understanding the audience. Using our Deep Search™ and MomentAware™ technologies, we collect psychographic, demographic, and shopping data including CRM, social, real-time product inventory, pricing, cross-channel performance, and third party information to build out a strong audience identity.

We use this information to create a social media advertisement campaign, by targeting the ideal crowd, for example, when they are looking, on what gadget, and during what season of day. From this information, we can create a customized advertising campaign for our clients. By this, our clients achieve their desire goals.

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We create Deep Search, proprietary search optimization, and analytics platform when we recognize, existing 3rd party tools are not giving us enough data to achieve the performance results that we wanted. By combining a client-specific algorithm with first and third-party data and a $20m investment, Deep Search produces billions of data points about a brand’s customers, products, and business. These insights are combined with real-time signals like inventory, margin, competitor pricing, and weather data to perform over 600,000 calculations per keyword every day to predict future value.

Armed with this knowledge, Deep Search’s portfolio optimization algorithm will allocate your budget to the most productive keywords and queries to achieve your unique business goals, whether that’s revenue optimization, new customer acquisition, margin contribution, or more. Profound Search likewise goes past surface-level record, campaign, and keyword announcing and screens your general business structure, classifications, subcategories, and objectives, permitting you to settle on more educated business choices.

Facebook Marketing

ITEconic is a proud Facebook Marketing Partner! Facebook created the Facebook Marketing Partner program to promote technology and strategy partners with the strongest track record of successful marketing with Facebook. By using Facebook advertising you have so much customizable advertising options for example you can choose demographic, gender, age group, timing, and many more. You can target specific audiences related to your goals and achieve the desire results.

If you promote with Facebook, you are an accomplice picked as the best by Facebook itself. Find out more about what your Facebook Ads will look like with ItEconic.



LinkedIn Ads offers B2B social media advertising with targeting options that simply aren’t available outside of LinkedIn. It’s quickly become one of the pillars of inward demand generation.

Find out more about what LinkedIn Advertising can offer to better understand why it’s the premier B2B social advertising partner and find out why ITEconic prides itself on being a LinkedIn Advertising agency of choice.

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Ad Copy & Testing

Creating activity in a social climate requires particular experience and consistent rescues.

Audience Targeting

We use Facebook’s amazing purchaser information and clone displaying to find out your ideal next clients.

Bid Management

By our involvement, we realize that when to send the organization’s offer to the public, use a stage offer enhancer, or apply manual procedures.


Still, are you closing your past guests and custom crowds, using social advertisements are remarkably fit to reconnecting past and current clients.

Dynamic Product Ads

The web-based business shopping task proceeds onto social stages after purchasers have communicated inspired by your products.

Lead Ads

Especially on mobile, the right offer and a quick contact info capture is the key to B2B success on social channels.

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