Loyalty Program

To Increase & Reward Loyalty of Channel Partners, Influencers & Customers


Channelplay designs & executes loyalty program for key stakeholders with a focus on maximizing ROI and drive engagement. We provide full range of services like program design, website & app development, helpdesk management, reward points calculation, data validation, logistics and analysis. In addition to above our redemption catalogue offers wide range of exclusive products covering categories like lifestyle, electronics, vouchers, digital payments, automobile and travel rewards.

Loyalty Program Services

Trade Loyalty Program

Transforming the relationship between a brand and its trade partners from a purely transactional one to a more emotional relationship is the key to success in a competitive retail environment. The most important factors in this relationship are designing mutually beneficial scheme and incentive structures, ensuring quick and foolproof two-way communication, transparent pay-outs and driving emotional connects through personalized rewards and experiences.

We use our expertise across industries to design and run the perfect loyalty programs keeping in mind all these factors.

Influencer Incentive Program
Influencer Incentive Program

For a lot of products the key drivers of purchase are not reliant on customer as much as they do on certain influencers. This is highly evident in construction, technology and other such products which a common customer finds tough to understand. In these cases, it wont be off the mark to proclaim that the influencer is the king.

Connecting with the key influencers and incentivising them for their recommendations is a game changer in these scenarios. As these influencers are not directly part of the transaction, there is a crying need for a centralised and formalised program just to identify the key influencers and communicate with them.

We use multiple mechanisms and technological solutions to help brands identify, connect with and incentivise key influencers through customised programs.

Consumer Campaign
Consumer Campaign Management

Consumer campaigns are arguably the most used tool to drive demand. Successful campaigns can enable brands to achieve lot of their objectives in one go. But the biggest problems of running campaigns are lack of visibility of the actual transaction, multi-layered communication with the customer which lacks focus and lack of standardization in the operations.

We combine our retail expertise with technological solutions to run best-in-class consumer campaigns.

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Employee Rewards & Recognition(RnR) has become a crucial part of an organization to motivate employees and enhance job satisfaction. Currently, Employee RnR programs include personal, unique & creative programs to delight your top performers. These programs help retain the top talent and ensure that there is very low attrition. 

We help organizations setup key milestones, identify top performers through our End to End Management of Employee Rewards & Recognition. 

Service highlights

Multi - industry Experience

FMCG Dealers, Mobile showrooms, Construction material suppliers, Masons, Architects, Tehnicians. We deal with diverse groups of partners to keep them happy and loyal. Our quest is to identify the best practices in one industry which can be replicated in others.

Best-in-Industry Technology

Right from an in-house built CRM system, leveraging new age communication channels to handling rewards through cutting edge platforms, we utilise the best possible technolgical solutions in every aspect of our work.

National Reach

From premium mobile store chain owners to budget masons in villages, from Emporio mall in Delhi to Dhobi Ghat in Ara, We have enrolled, communicated and rewarded our partners across the country. Our enrollment base is 15000+ trade partners based out of 500+ cities and towns across the country.

Wide Range of Rewards

From Cashcards & Gift Vouchers to 5 star hotel dinners, Movie tickets, Adventure Sports, Curated travel packages, Insurance and Personalized gift boxes - Our focus on customization and personalization ensures our rewards deliver what is most appealing to our customers.