Salesforce Development

ITEconic builds custom applications and integrates 3rd party platforms through custom development. Our prepared developers will push the limits and create strong arrangements that will help drive your business.

If you need more than out-of-the-crate Salesforce functionality, we have the correct group to make your vision to reality.

Full-cycle salesforce

Development Services

This is where we start when we create a custom application for internal use. To begin with, we do individual or gathering interviews with our clients to accumulate or discover their requirements.

Then, we will interpret the requirements, including those that contradict each other, and prioritize them to ensure that the most relevant functionality is provided first. Finally, in a nitty-gritty introduction, we will diagram the business need, functionality, and framework prerequisites, and conclude the arrangement of business and application dreams.

Our BA group can stay in contact with the client all through the whole undertaking to stay aware of changing or advancing necessities. When constructing an AppExchange solution, request investigation is the absolute initial step we take.

We survey our clients’ needs, test them for consistency, make and build up the most effective approaches to address them.

This causes us to make the future application successful and viable with the Salesforce security framework and norms.

salesforce development

Platform Development

We grow an incredible custom application that helps drive business. We spread all parts of the development cycle beginning from initial revelation, engineering, design, advancement, and QA.
We will likely assist you with guaranteeing application security and information movement. Some of our development services include:

Process Automation

We observe a process-first approach; we sit down with you to know how your employees use Salesforce, what their processes are, and how automation can support and improve their overall experience.
From that point, we plan applications custom-made to comprehending center business challenges. We likewise computerize explicit cycles to improve the utilization of the stage and lift the profitability and proficiency of your workforce.



Our group has the ability to incorporating cloud applications and inheritance stages with Salesforce. As a feature of any combination, we will survey API documentation and decide the best way to deal with actualizing.
Our group of capable designers can incorporate most stages with Salesforce.

Salesforce QA

Ensuring quality. We have a scope of value confirmation measures, similar to unit tests and code audits by Salesforce designers, to guarantee the greatness and consistency of our Salesforce applications.
We give constant testing as we grow, for example, execution and incorporation testing (if important). In testing, we use appropriate proficiency automation levels to speed up application delivery and reduce errors to a very small extent.

Salesoforce Development

Development. We make very good quality applications in little emphases to give capacities as they are organized.
To remain adaptable and adjust rapidly to new or developing client requirements, we start with fundamental, prepared-to-utilize functions.
Along these lines, we can rapidly give different functions by including them at the solicitation by end clients or by the product owner.
This lets users start using the product as quickly as possible and take up new features immediately after as soon installation (new features are usually added every 2-4 weeks after receiving).

UX/UI Design

We made the Salesforce application user-friendly and quick to respond to changes by mapping user journeys and creating a preview of the application’s usability interface.

Required Integration

We interface custom indoor applications with outsider programming, for example, content administration frameworks, or with standard Salesforce integration devices.

Our Stages of Supporting

Educating users

We convey app development information and involved our clients to build responsiveness of inward client applications.

We connect custom indoor applications with outsider programming, for example, media the board frameworks, regardless of whether with the standard Salesforce software.

Support after startup

We give present dispatch keep on custom indoor applications for 1-3 months after startup.

We modify the elements of the program and find a way to assist clients with adjusting past preparation.

Salesforce User Training

User Training. Instructional exercises and workshops are accessible for end clients to improve the responsiveness of custom indoor applications.

We furnish end clients with preparing materials and workshops to help improve the inner variation of client applications.

When we launch custom indoor applications, we transfer the tested user program to the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) framework. At the point when the customer acknowledges software, it is moved to the assembling climate and is made accessible to the end clients.

When an application is launched on the AppExchange, we pay attention to security for the AppExchange, meaning that we can provide end-user and administrator with application-related security documentation, and submit it to the security division of Salesforce items.

We also provide login credentials for Lightning Platform org and any outside components or functions that were used to make the software

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