Beginners Guide to Develop App Like Ekar Car Rental in 2023

Developing apps for both iOS and Android platforms while prioritizing data security and privacy will be crucial. By adhering to best practices in app development and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, you can create a competitive car rental app resembling Ekar's success. With this guide, we are going to explain the fostering tips stating how to develop a car rental app like Ekar, so let’s begin.

The process of car rental app development like Ekar entails creating a user-centric platform that offers seamless and efficient car rental services. The app will enable users to easily search, book, and manage car rentals, enhancing their mobility experience. However, without consulting a professional mobile app development company, creating a user-friendly interface coupled with an intuitive design is difficult to achieve. But, all thanks to ITEconic – one of the most trusted mobile app development companies will ensure to build a fool-proof robust app to ensure a smooth booking process.


But first, let’s just understand

What is Ekar App – A Definitive Guide

Ekar is a car-sharing and car-rental platform providing users with convenient and flexible vehicle access. Designed by the mobile app development company in UAE, the Ekar app allows users to locate, reserve, and unlock cars for short-term rentals, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional car ownership. The application software allows users to book a ride easily while offering an easy payment gateway for a seamless user experience. 


To develop application like EKAR car rental is easy to build, manage, and use by adding up the following features, such as:


User Registration

Users create accounts by providing personal information, driving license details, and payment information.

Vehicle Selection and Reservation

Users can browse through available vehicles, filtering by type, location, and price. At the same time, it’s easy to book cars in advance or on-demand, selecting the desired rental duration.

GPS Integration

The app's GPS guides users to the location of the reserved car. Plus, Ekar uses a smartphone-based unlocking system, allowing users to access the vehicle without needing a physical key.

Payment Integration with Contactless Experience

Secure payment gateways enable seamless transactions, including rental fees, insurance, and any additional charges. Ekar emphasizes a contactless approach, where users can access and return vehicles without interacting with a rental office or representative.

User Reviews and Ratings

Users can leave feedback and rate their experience, enhancing transparency and service quality.

Admin Panel

An administrative backend allows the management of the vehicle fleet, user accounts, bookings, and overall app functionality.

Customer Support

The app typically offers customer support to address any issues or inquiries users might have.

The success of the Ekar app lies in its user-friendly interface, advanced technology integration, and its ability to adapt to evolving user preferences and market trends.

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How Does the Ekar Car Rental App Work?

The Ekar car rental app revolutionizes urban mobility by functioning as a comprehensive car-sharing and car rental platform, offering users convenient access to vehicles on a short-term basis. This user-centric app operates through a series of intuitive steps that streamline the process from vehicle selection to return. From the beginning, users need to download the Ekar app to undergo an easy registration process by adding up all essential details like contact details, and secure payment methods. Upon logging in, users can now browse a wide range of vehicles available and choose any of them based on location, pricing, and vehicle type. Once a vehicle is chosen, the user needs to proceed with the window to make a reservation. After the confirmation, the app screen will provide you with all the essential details about the vehicle and its location.

To facilitate the seamless retrieval of the vehicle, the Ekar app incorporates GPS integration. Users can access real-time navigation guidance to effortlessly locate the reserved car, eliminating any potential confusion. Upon reaching the vehicle, the app's advanced technology comes into play. Users can unlock the car using the app itself, eliminating the need for physical keys. This contactless approach not only enhances convenience but also reflects Ekar's commitment to modernizing the car rental experience.

How Can I Develop a Car Rental App Like Ekar in 2023?

If in 2023 you are searching to develop a car rental app like Ekar, then taking assistance from the skilled Car Rental Application Development Company like ITEconic would help you in every possible way. Several possible steps would be involved to develop apps like Ekar car rental. Consider following these steps:

Suitable Market Research and Planning

  • Understand your market by learning about competitors, and the audience you want to target.

  • Identify unique selling points (USPs) for your app to differentiate it from existing solutions.

  • Define your app's features, including vehicle selection, reservation, payment, GPS integration, and user profiles.

Conceptualization and Design   

  • Design a user-friendly interface that aligns with your brand identity and ensures intuitive navigation.

  • Decide whether to build the app natively for iOS and Android or use a cross-platform framework like React Native or Flutter.

  • Choose the technology stack (programming languages, frameworks, databases) based on your app's requirements.

Backend and Frontend Development

  • Set up the backend infrastructure to manage user accounts, reservations, payments, and vehicle data.

  • Develop APIs for communication between the app and the server.

  • Develop the app's front end with a focus on the user interface and interactive features.

  • Implement features such as vehicle browsing, reservation, GPS integration, and payment gateways.

User Authentication, Profiles, and Vehicle Management

  • Implement user registration and login functionality.

  • Allow users to create profiles, upload documents (driver's license), and manage account settings.

  • Set up a database to store vehicle information, including location, type, availability, and pricing.

  • Develop features for users to search, filter, and view vehicle details.

Reservation System with GPS Integration

  • Implement a reservation system that allows users to select vehicles and specify the rental duration.

  • Enable real-time availability tracking and ensure that vehicles cannot be double-booked.

  • Integrate GPS services to enable users to navigate to the reserved vehicle's location.

  • Implement geolocation features for finding nearby vehicles and parking spots.

Payment Integration with Feedback System

  • Integrate secure payment gateways for processing rental fees and other charges.

  • Implement features for users to add and manage payment methods.

  • Implement features for users to provide feedback, rate their rental experience, and write reviews.

Testing, Launch, and Marketing

  • Conduct thorough testing of the app's functionality, usability, and security.

  • Identify to fix glitches, visible bugs, or performance issues.

  • Deploy the application on all possible app stores for Android and iOS devices. 

  • Develop a marketing strategy to promote the app, attract users, and build a customer base.

Developing a car rental app like Ekar is a complex process that requires collaboration among developers, designers, and business experts. Consider partnering with a professional mobile app developers team who have experience in app development, user experience design, and the car rental industry to ensure the success of your venture.

Ekar Car Rental App Development Cost

The overall list of features and added functionalities on the application determines the overall Ekar car rental app development cost. Additionally, the cost to build an application car varies widely based on the chosen technology stack, facing complexity while adding up features and functions, development team location, and design intricacy. Creating a robust car rental app with features similar to Ekar would involve you discovering a Car Rental Application Development Company with the best experience, expertise, and portfolio. As the number 1 mobile app development company in UAE, ITEconic is backed to have a team of experts that can add a positive impact on your car rental app development cost like Ekar.

However, considering the figures for developing a comprehensive app like Ekar can range from thousands of dollars. On the lower end, a simple app might cost around $50,000 to $100,000, while a more feature-rich and complex app could exceed $200,000 or more. However, these figures are estimates and can vary widely based on the specific requirements and intricacies of your project. It's recommended to consult with an experienced mobile app development company or professionals to get a more accurate cost estimation based on your project's unique specifications.

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How Does ITEconic Car Rental Application Development Company Help?

With the progressive growth, the automobile rental apps market is expanding, leaving companies to consider hiring leveraging mobile and software development companies. To understand the future market scenarios, ITEconic is the right place or you can say Car Rental Application Development Company offering the best strategies for developing a car rental like Ekar. With more than 7 years of experience and knowledge in the field, the company holds a team of skilled app developers who have proficient expertise and technology stack knowledge to make your car rental app successful in the industry. The ITEconic team will help you by assisting and guiding the process of app development and will facilitate your company growth by offering the most effective car rental application development like Ekar.


In summary, the Ekar app reshapes urban transportation by offering an innovative and user-centric approach to car-sharing and car rental. Its intuitive interface, seamless technology integration, and emphasis on convenience reflect the future of mobility solutions.

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