How to Grow Your B2B E-Commerce Channel Using Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Reward Program or Loyalty Reward Points is a new digital trend that most of the e-commerce platforms offer to hold a grasp on customer retention. For years, these B2B E-commerce companies have used these loyalty programs to get engagement on the platforms, offering rewards, while influencing customers to stay with their brand or platform. You can witness the growth of loyalty programs, as a maximum number of big brands like Mama Earth, Myntra, Amazon, The Body Shop, and a lot more offer the best of perks and beneficiaries to their customers. This ideally increased the demand for their rewarding programs, resulting in B2B E-commerce companies searching for the best Loyalty Program Service provider.

However, one should take note that there is a huge difference between B2B loyalty programs and B2C loyalty programs based on the experiences of the buyers. This guide is designed to cater to all your needs by making you learn how to grow your B2B e-commerce channel using loyalty programs, so stay tuned!

Let’s Define What is a B2B Loyalty Program?

B2B loyalty programs are the main source pathway of customer retention solutions offering specific features to establish brand loyalty. While, when it comes to designing them, it needs to be designed logically to build profitable relationships between the businesses they sell to. However, both business-to-consumer and business-to-business share insightful similar goals, and that would be repetitive business, client/customer retention, and improved revenue by boosting ROI.

In case you missed it! What is a Loyalty Program?

Whether you own up a corporate client or a retail customer, the basic formula would be the same. Meanwhile, if you wish to grab the equal benefits of loyalty programs for your B2B e-commerce channel, then we are the specialist Loyalty Program Services Provider. To give you more insights about the topic, below neath we have compiled the fool-proof strategies to build a successful B2B E-Commerce Loyalty Reward Program.

Did You Know Fact?


American Airlines launched the first-ever loyalty program in the USA named – Frequent Flier Program in the year 1981. The program was developed to make customers loyal to the brand by making them engaged, and now counts more than 50 million members under their program.


How to Build a B2B E-Commerce Loyalty Program in 2023?

Being a Loyalty Program Services Provider, ITEconic has developed and designed tons of loyalty programs for brands like Max Health, Amber, Oxyzo, Himalaya, Anchor, Max Cement, and a lot more. Hence, with our years of experience and professional expertise in the domain, we have covered a list of strategies to build a Loyalty Program that will help you to grow your B2B E-Commerce channel.

1.    Understand and Define the Parameters of Your Program

To begin with, you have to define the loyalty program parameters by understanding;

Who is your target audience? Like –

·       Your Direct Customers?

·       Downstream Clients/ Customers Who Are Buying Through Distribution?

·       Your Channel Sales Organization?

·       Or All of the Above Mentioned Groups?

Once you have cleared the idea of your loyalty program parameters, it would be quite effective to deliver the best of your potential. Meanwhile, don’t forget the fact that the designed Loyalty Reward Program would be different for each target audience.

2.    Ensure to Access Your Sales Data

While the strategy for these points programs will be different, however, their main objective is to drive more sales. In this trait, make sure to access your sales data from each group you have planned to target, as it will allow you to understand what would be your next move. In case, you are lacking with the sales data driven by the company, you’ll need to figure out the ways or mediums to get it.

3.    Analyze the Data and Use it for Work

You can consider your sales data as a gold mine, but must remember it involves a lot more to extract value from it. You might be well aware of the significance of a good Loyalty program. However, you’ll require an experienced data analyst who knows about utilizing the latest tools and technologies to analyze the data right and then make it in a use to identify your buyer’s purchasing trends and sales insights to leverage with the information and then accordingly act upon it. As the Loyalty Program Services Provider, ITEconic experts attempt to utilize the Excel table and then use it accordingly to build and execute a loyalty reward program that can ease the growth of your B2B E-Commerce channel.

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4.    The Program Must Be Customized for Each Customer

Have you heard this phrase – One size doesn’t fit for all? Each customer has their likes and dislikes in terms of purchasing. That’s why you would need to customize the program based on maximum participant interest. One must remember that, the need to segment customers into groups, as it helps to employ significant tailoring solutions based on targeting group customers.

5.    Design the Program User-Friendly

The ultimate goal is to design and build loyalty that catches customer retention, plus making them engaged with the brand, ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction and great client experience. We are the most-versatile mobile app development company, offering the best strategies and methodologies to make the reward program successful. Being the Loyalty Program Services Provider, we facilitate offering an easy-to-use reward admin panel, websites, and apps featuring available bonus offers, earning history, and current point balance to ensure personalized reward statements.

6.    Measure Results and Upgrade it Accordingly

Your reward program shouldn’t be static, as evolving programs will help your business to be in trend while maintaining market conditions. As you may know that your reward program is a proven data-driven tool, effective to measure the overall impact and ROI it has implemented on your business model. Hence, you are advised to keep an eye on your measuring details and make changes as per your client’s behavior.

ITEconic’s Final Verdict

B2B e-commerce brands and companies are in need of having customer retention by making them engaged with the services. This immortalizes the importance of having a B2B loyalty program to engage and build long-term relationships with potential influencers and business partners. Here, at ITEconic, we make sure to develop and design effective B2B e-commerce loyalty programs to maximize business reach and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I build loyalty in B2B?

Out of all the major mobile app development challenges, there are ideal B2B customer loyalty strategies that ITEconic implements in their client’s businesses. These include –

·       Uphold frequent communication with customers

·       Generate demanding content to connect with customers

·       Build a customer reward program

·       Keep an eye on customer feedback and act on it accordingly

·       Ease the rewarding process for customers

·       Give your customers extra value

Q. Why does my business need a B2B e-commerce reward program?

Building loyalty or reward programs encourages to create long lasting business connections and relationships with clients. This will eventually help businesses to gain valuable insights while engaging with more opportunities.  

Q. What makes a B2C customer loyalty program different from B2B?

B2C customer loyalty programs are curated for individual consumers, while B2B is generally launched for businesses. One should understand that under B2C the rewarding structure is designed to gear benefits toward customers’ needs and preferences, on the other hand, the B2B customer loyalty programs are built to fulfill the specific needs of the businesses.

Q. How do loyalty programs attract customers?

Creating a successful loyalty program enables customers to get some beneficiaries in return. Under the reward scheme, you can offer cashback, reward points, discounts on the next purchase, and a lot more to attract customers.

Q. How to build relationships with B2B customers?

Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step approach that can help you to effectively build strong relationships with your B2B customers.

·       Consider using CRM technologies for effective relations

·       Try collecting regular feedback from customers

·       Improve your customer experiences by offering feature-rich services

·       Monitor your customer preferences and stay connected with them

·       Try to implement targeted marketing campaigns

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