How to Develop a Restaurant Mobile App?

In recent times, we all have witnessed how vastly mobile app users are growing, demanding businesses to launch fool-proof mobile applications that are scalable and robust at the same time. Be it in the healthcare industry or the Real Estate sector, mobile apps are in demand. To understand the full-knowing potential, now hospitality industry is all set to embrace their services, by launching next-gen restaurant mobile apps with the help of best mobile app developers.

This blog of ITEconic is dedicated to representing the work stages of how to develop a restaurant mobile app from scratch to hatch to make you facilitate with the right tips for hassle-free application development.

So, if you are eagerly waiting to launch your own restaurant mobile app, you must know the entire blueprint of how we work as the leading mobile app development company in USA, UK, Dubai, India, and other parts of the world. 

Restaurant Mobile App Development – The Overview

Want a restaurant mobile app for your new business? Well, you might be surprised to know that, in recent times, the demand for food ordering apps has increased by 36%. This data indicates that more than 49.5 million users are now interacting online to order food via mobile app, while earlier it was stocked at 36.4 million users.

What makes users to switch from the traditional method of food ordering to online? Probably, it would be a sustainable, customized, and convenient option to go for. Being a trusted mobile app development company USA, we suggest you to develop your own restaurant mobile app to upskill your sales and revenue portion. But why? As per the recently conducted research, more than 52% of customers in the USA build trust in a restaurant’s own branded app rather than a third-party food ordering or delivery platform.

Major Stats Unveiling Restaurant Mobile App Development Market

In the past few years, there’s a noticeable growth in the restaurant app industry, leaving all the newbies and start-ups to follow the trend for online food delivery. Here are some key insights that you must know, before choosing the best mobile app developers for your next big project.

  1. The noteworthy rise in online restaurants app is celebrated across the world, as it helps to cater to a wide spectrum of audience requirements.
  2. These virtual restaurants offer better scalability in terms of pricing and menu card, and also reduces overheads.
  3. More than 60% of the food ordering market belongs to online platforms for consumer delivery.
  4. Despite relying on third-party apps, customers want more restaurant apps, as it offers the tendency to convert faster.

Looking for a restaurant food app idea? Below neath are the points that you should consider while developing the restaurant app from scratch.

Step-By-Step Approach How to Develop a Restaurant Mobile App in 2023

Without taking your much time, let’s get straight to the 6-step policy used to create a restaurant mobile app, developed by an award-winning Mobile App Development Company.

Step 1. Know The Type of Your Restaurant App

There are 5 different types of restaurant apps that are trending nowadays. And to begin with the restaurant mobile app development process, one should be aware of the type, so their business can offer the best outcome to the end users.

Restaurant Mobile App Type


Tool to Analyse Best Type of Restaurant Apps

Restaurant to Customer

A type of restaurant app, allow businesses to directly connect with their target audience.

Services to Include – Online orders, Table reservation, and Review platform to increase downloads of the applications.

Google helps to identify the top restaurants apps and their types that are successful in the market.

Restaurant-Supplier Platform

Raw materials are vital for every business or a successful restaurant chain. These restaurant management apps, helps to quickly cash in on all fresh products and beverages that you require.

You can search for the best restaurant apps in the Apple App Store and analyse them to bring the best version of your mobile application.

Table Reservation App

This type of restaurant apps enable users to book their seating or table prior to avoid any last-minute hustle or long queues. 

Google Play Store, another ideal platform to find the top restaurant mobile apps and learn from them to get a higher rank

Ordering App

With the ease of menu browsing online, customers find these restaurant ordering apps more useful. As these apps allows users to view the pricing, reviews, place, and images online.

Tech Magazines are another best medium to fund the successful restaurant app design and then make it developed from the best mobile app developers.

Restaurant Locator App

Restaurant locator apps are more prominent in between owners, as these types of applications help users to find the best nearby restaurant for dining.


Step 2. List Down the Mobile App Features You Want to Offer

Based on your final analysis of the top mobile restaurant apps, it’s time to list down the top features that you would like to add to your application project. Well, to identify the must-have features, below neath we have compiled a list of features that should be available.

  • Push Notifications – Allows users to understand the new updates on the application to make them updated. Adding relays of discounts and coupon codes as a push notification helps to get more engagement than usual.
  • GPS Tracking – This will help to locate the real-time location of the delivery person.
  • Social Integration – Ease up the process of login or signing up using social media profile. Plus, also effortlessly connects your restaurant to more users by sharing up new launches, best food, etc, to your loyal customers.
  • Full-Fledge Dashboard – Dashboard will allow to view and track the placed orders, while offering in-depth sales for the month.
  • Loyalty Program – Loyalty Programs can help you to improve your customer retention by offering major deals, discounts, and rewards.
  • Integrate Payment App – The system will help users to go through easier and much more convenient online payments that can be done via different payment modes – UPIs, Debit/Credit Card, Cash, Wallet, etc.
  • Reservations Model – This will help users to book a reservation at their favorite restaurant beforehand.
  • Recommendation – With the best use of artificial intelligence, a user will get notified regarding their much-loved dish from favorite restaurant based on their past order on the app.
  • Order Management – Allow restaurants to know whether the user has rejected or accepted the order. Help to keep updated with the order status.

Step 3. Select the Best Technology Stack for Your App Type

Choosing the best tech stack plays a crucial role in the restaurant mobile app development process, as it will help to strategize the best set of tools, programming languages, frameworks, platforms, and more to make your application into its final deploying stage. But, before making up the choice, make sure to first understand –

  • Your targeting audience and the overall restaurant mobile app development cost
  • Determine the size and complexity to decide what mobile app development framework to use
  • A Platform of the application to make it live
  • Security and Expertise of the best mobile app developers

Once you got these things aligned, you’ll move further to the next stage, which is the app development process using coding.

Step 4. Start Developing the Restaurant App

After knowing and choosing the right technology stack, it’s time, to begin with the development process. You should choose the top restaurant app development services based on their experience and expertise to offer.

Meanwhile, you should focus on the following points to find the top app development company that can expertly design and develop your restaurant app.

  • Go through on researching part to identify the great fit
  • Shortlist the developers/company based on customer feedback, costing, and portfolio
  • Must have a deep understanding of front-end and back-end development tools like Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, and more.

Step 5. Go for Application Testing Before Launching Online

Now, the final product is about to go live, it’s important to test your restaurant mobile app thoroughly before deploying it to match up your business goals. In the process, the app engineers will go run several speed and performance tests, as it is helpful to know if your mobile app offers high-definition features and functions after being downloaded to the respective store – Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Now, throughout the process, there are some important activities that you need to strategize before running any sort of testing to make your restaurant app fool-proof.

  • Now, to begin with, plan your test cases by defining the goal, scenarios, and audience for your mobile application.
  • After this, identify the testing tools by knowing the right tools and technologies to fulfil the app’s testing capabilities.
  • Write and execute the test cases allowing you to identify and fixes bugs and quality-related problems.

Following is the list of some important tools that you surely need for application testing:

Required Tools


Automated Testing Tools

Tools like Appium, and UI Automator are few such tools helpful to test application speed and launch them quickly.

Functionality Testing Tools

Functionality Testing Tools are helpful to check the functionality of your restaurant mobile app. Tools like Worksoft Certify, UFT, and Selenium are useful to check the element and functions of the app.

Performance Testing Tools

The overall performance of your restaurant app is important and can only be determined by using tools like HeadSpin, JMeter, and WebLoad to identify the bugs and improve the overall performance of the mobile application.

Step 6. Deploy Your Restaurant Mobile App to App Store or Play Store

Now, you’re only left with the process, where you need to launch your restaurant mobile app in Apple App Store or Google Play Store. However, before deploying it online, make sure to first optimize the application by writing the title and description of it. You can use keyword research tools to find out the key phrases that can actually attract audiences. Another thing, you need to consider is that you surely need a developer license to launch your developed application to the respective mobile stores. There is a specific amount that you need to pay to deploy your mobile app.

ITEconic Expert Advice -      In case, you are running short on the names of keyword searching tools, then Google Adwords and Keyword planning tools are best to get your answers. You can also go through Google search to understand how users search for the restaurant apps.

Now, that you have understood the 6-step process of how to develop a restaurant mobile app, not its time to learn and understand other important factors associated with the process, such as – cost, app development time, services, and pointers you need to consider. Have a look at all the details below.

How Much Does it Cost to Make Restaurant Mobile App from Scratch?

The overall cost of mobile app development in USA varies on several factors including – the application type, the platform used to launch the application, astonishing features aim to include, tech stack, and the team of best mobile app developers.

Being the most trusted mobile app development company, ITEconic has years of experience in developing simple and most advanced restaurant mobile apps.

The following table would be useful for you to understand the total cost, functionality, and functions that are needed to develop a restaurant mobile app.

Factors to Include

Simple Restaurant App

Advance Restaurant App

Cost Range

$15,000 to $60,000+

$30,000 to $1,00,000+


There are several features that needs to be include in a restaurant mobile app:

·       Menu card

·       In-app payments

·       Food ordering panel

·       Reviews

·       Notifications

·       GPS tracker

·       Order history, etc.

Considering the features uphold in an advance restaurant app, then it should include:

·       Meal or Table Booking

·       Online reservations

·       Order Menu with customization options

·       Social Media Integration, and more

Development Team Size

This depends on company to company, meanwhile a standard size would be:


2 Developers, 1 QA Developer, and 1 App Designer

However, at ITEconic we will deliver your project asap with a team consists of:


4 Developers, 1 App Designer, and 1 QA Developer

Out of all this, there are several additional factors as well that you need to consider while planning the cost of application development.

  • The major app type – iOS, Android, or Cross Platform
  • Overall timeline and budget of the app project
  • Developer expertise and experience
  • Total required resources
  • Technology stack to go for

Once you got an estimated cost of the entire application, the next step is to understand the overall time you would require on an app.

How Much Time Does It Take to Develop a Restaurant Mobile App?

While identifying the overall app development timeline, you would definitely need a blueprint of features, functions, functionalities, and examples to get an idea. We as the leading mobile app development company in USA, offer the estimation time based on several factors, which include:

Important Factors

Simple Restaurant Mobile App

Advance Restaurant Mobile App

Overall Timeline

2 to 3 Months

6 to 8 Months

Features to Include

In a simple restaurant app, the major features we tend to offer are – User Generated Content, User & Accounts, Scalable Text, and Date & Location Management

While, in an advanced restaurant app, we offer – Augmented Reality, Push Notification, Payment Gateway Integration, and Google Indoor Maps

Technologies to use

Swift, Xamarin, Ionic, Kotlin

Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Kotlin, Swift, Ionic

All Set to Launch Restaurant Mobile App in the Market?

For your ease, this blog contains each step in detail useful to develop a restaurant mobile app from scratch to hatch. Meanwhile, before heading straight to hire the best mobile app developers, it is recommended by ITEconic – the top mobile app development company in USA, to explore its needs, types, and target audience to make your restaurant app a great hit in the market. And for that, try considering points like app type, tech stack to use, target audience problem, and define their solution through the application.

Other than this, the entire mobile app development cost, platform, and timeline are also the parts that one should consider before proceeding with the application development and testing process.

ITEconic is a leading Android app development company in Sydney, offer you solutions with the best knowledge of team and expertise in the mobile application development domain. Till now, we have developed over 30+ restaurant apps for small and big brand names in the past. Reach out to us to get a free estimated quote for your dream restaurant app development.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How much does it cost to develop a restaurant app from ITEconic?

As we discussed earlier, the cost to develop a restaurant mobile app varies from project to project and the requirement of a client, which consists of functions, features, and specializations.

Meanwhile, to sum up, an average cost, then it will take:

  • $15,000 to $60,000+ for Basic restaurant app
  • And $30,000 to $1,00,000+ for an Advanced restaurant app

Q2. What are the best examples of restaurant mobile apps?

Discussing the best restaurant mobile app examples then Domino’s Pizza, Zomato, DineIn, OpenTable, and Starbucks would be on top of delivering enhanced customer experiences.

Q3. What would be the factors need to consider while developing a restaurant mobile app?

Identifying the key factors at the time of building a restaurant app would be helpful to make it unique. While, in the development phase, consider these factors:

  1. The quality should be top-notch for your restaurant mobile app.
  2. After the development process, launch the application ASAP to start monetizing from your app.
  3. Best in-house support for application maintenance and support.
  4. Understand the needs of your target audience for proven results.

Q4. What is the process of developing a restaurant app?

Just like any other mobile application, the restaurant mobile app development process also contains different stages. To begin with the process, you can pursue market research first, identify business goals, and lastly select a restaurant mobile app development company with a well-known name and expertise.

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