Why Mobile App Development Companies Choose Flutter

When it comes to the mobile app development process, making the right choice of framework is crucial, and Flutter has emerged as a compelling option for mobile app development companies. Developed by Google, Flutter has gained significant traction among developers for its exceptional features and capabilities. Being emerging as the best cross-platform development platform to build applications for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase or experiencing a rapid development experience with its hot reload feature, Flutter has emulsified itself. With its expressive UI capabilities, Flutter picked up steam over its competitor mobile frameworks like Angular JS, Xamarin, and React Native.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 10 facts stating why you should choose Flutter for Mobile App Development. And how Flutter Mobile App Development Company –like ITEconic become a number 1 choice in the app development and designing landscape.

Understand, What Flutter Stands For?

You might be exploring what is Flutter. Defining Flutter to the core, it’s an open-source technology useful for app developers and engineers to create mobile, web, or desktop applications by utilizing only a single codebase. What makes it different from other competitors is its complete software development kit (SDK) offers flexibility while developing the backend and frontend of the app. But, its features are not concluded here, as Flutter proffers to serve a broad range of UI based library which is based on custom widgets along with reusable UI elements like sliders, text inputs, and buttons to build a highly functional cross-platform app by stating quality measures.

Why Mobile App Development Companies Choose Flutter – Stating Top 10 Facts

Being the ideal Flutter mobile app development company, ITeconic understands the importance of Flutter in the technology-driven landscape, and that’s why our professionals are experienced enough to use this open-source technology powered by Google. From the beginning of 2023, Flutter has become popular amongst developers for its numerous advantages and abilities. Here are the top 10 facts that make Flutter an excellent choice for the mobile app development for business.

  1. Cross-Platform Development: Flutter allows you to build and write code for a mobile application once and then deploy it on both iOS and Android platforms making it convenient for the app developer. This means you don't have to maintain and deploy separate codebases for each platform, resulting in saving up your time and resources.  
  2. Fast Development For Quick Results: Flutter offers a hot reload feature, which enables developers to review the real-time changes in the code, without making them restart the application. This feature greatly speeds up the development process and enhances productivity. While, Flutter’s hot reload feature has significantly gained popularity in Mobile App Development Companies by quickly iterating and experimenting with different designs and functionalities.
  3. Expressive UI: Flutter provides a rich set of customizable widgets and a flexible UI framework. With Flutter, you can create stunning and visually appealing user interfaces that deliver a native-like experience on both iOS and Android platforms. With the best use of technology, the platform allows you to deliver an engaging user experience.

  4. Native Performance: Flutter leverages with the Skia graphics library and compiles your code into native ARM code, ensuring high performance and smooth animations running on the app. The framework also includes a high-performance rendering engine, allowing for optimized performance, resulting in fluid user interactions.

  5. Full Access to Native Features: Flutter allows you to access platform-specific native features and APIs directly from your code. This means you can leverage with integrated device functionalities such as camera, GPS, sensors, and more, enhancing the overall capabilities of your app. As the Flutter mobile app development company, we ensure to deliver seamless services by utilizing the full potential of the technology platform.

  6. Dart Programming Language: In terms of programming language, Flutter uses Dart, which is easy to learn, modern, and comes with a comprehensive set of features. Dart's strong typing and just-in-time compilation help catch errors early in the mobile app development process, making it a productive language for app development by improving code quality.

  7. Active Community and Support: Flutter has a large and rapidly growing community of app developers and engineers. This means you can easily find multiple tutorials, resources, libraries, and packages created by the community to solve common problems or add new astounding features to your app. The Flutter team at Google also provides regular updates, bug fixes, and support to the framework.

  8. Cost-Effective Measures: Building apps with Flutter can be cost-effective, especially for startups and small businesses. Since Flutter enables cross-platform development, you can save significant development and maintenance costs by having a single codebase for multiple platforms. Apart from this, Flutter is best known to reduce the final time required to launch your business mobile app.

  9. Naming Popular Apps Built with Flutter: With up-to-date technological trends and offering features, Flutter has gained popularity amongst many Mobile App Development Companies and has been adopted by major brands. Some popular apps built with Flutter include Google Ads, Alibaba, Reflectly, Hamilton Musical and many more restaurant mobile app  are just a few examples. The success of these apps demonstrates the capability and reliability of Flutter for building high-quality mobile applications and showcasing its reliability and capabilities as a powerful medium.
  10. Future Growth: Flutter backed up by Google has a promising future with continuous improvements and updates. With its strong roadmap and key features, Flutter ensures that it will continue to receive updates, improvements, and new features, making it a future-proof choice for mobile app development. While choosing Flutter mobile app development company ensures that you have a modern and future-proof framework to fulfill your company goals.

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While these reasons highlight the benefits of Flutter in mobile app development, it's important to evaluate your specific project requirements, team expertise, and the nature of your app before making a final decision. Considering these 10 facts, Flutter emerges as a compelling choice for mobile app development, offering cross-platform development, fast iteration cycles, expressive UI capabilities, native performance, access to native features, a powerful programming language, an active community, cost-effectiveness, a proven track record, and a promising future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I choose the best Flutter app development company for my business?

While, shortlisting the best Flutter app development company, make sure to look and ask for the following information about the organization –

·   The overall working portfolio with varied clients

·   Their year of excellence and expertise in the domain

·   Does they own up a team of skilled and experienced developers

Here, at ITEconic, you will be assisted by top Flutter app developers who will assist you in every possible way.

Q. Why should I choose Flutter for my app development requirement?

Flutter is the best cross-platform development platform to build applications for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase. Plus, it is cost-effective and delivers a quicker app launch.

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