Defining the Art and Science of Mobile App Development in 2023

In the rapidly-evolving space of technology, mobile apps have become an emergent need of modern living. From managing your finances to connecting with your loved ones, mobile apps depict transforming the way we live and interact with the digital world. Even though there are multiple pros of having a mobile application, still there is one big con that you might find out in a way between and that is you would need to hire mobile app development professionals only to build a scalable and robust app. In technical terms, it’s not even a con, but you need to spend hours of research and money to get the ideal mobile app development cost within your streamlined budget. Although outsourcing the professional mobile application development services by ITEconic would make you in win-win situations, as the developers working here are skilled and hold years of expertise.

This guide is dedicated to learning the concept of mobile application development and unrevealing the art and science of it. Plus, below neath we are also going to discuss the process of application development that shapes the digital experience of the users.

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A Comprehensive View of Mobile App Development Art and Science

Application development is a fusion of two major coordinated words - art and science. Considering the art portion then it consists of the features like ideation, visual aesthetics, and seamless user experience design that captivates the user. It is well said that during the process of developing a mobile app, color scheme, pixel, and animation hold a major place, as a well-crafted one engages maximum users from the beginning stage. On the other hand, considering the science part then it incorporates the elements of algorithms, coding, and other technical aspects that can be fruitful to make the application efficiently functional all the time.

Adhere to the following information piece to understand more about the importance of mobile apps and why you should choose the best application development company to launch your fool-proof mobile application in the customer-centric market.

Let’s Spill Some Facts for Application Development

As per the submitted Statista report, during the second quarter of 2022, the Apple App Store covers almost 2.2 million mobile apps, while the Google Play Store keeps up to 3.5 million global mobile apps. That’s unbelievable, right? Well, the report doesn’t stick to these figures only but also shows that the reach of mobile app market revenue will soon grow by adding $613 billion by 2025. 


With this vast scale growing in popularity, it’s not surprising to witness that every online business spends on feature-rich mobile application development services. However, before paying a hefty amount on mobile app development costs, you should quest to know – What is the process of Mobile Application Development that companies are bound to follow?

This guide aims to help you answer all your queries and make you eligible to find out the best mobile app development company with optimistic services.

The Full-Fledged Mobile Application Development Process You Should Know

Ever since the mobile application has been hoisted for business growth, many companies eagerly wait to launch featuring mobile applications with great functionalities, for this purpose you can rely upon the mobile application development services by ITEconic. Meanwhile, there is a process to be followed while developing mobile applications for both Android app development and iOS app development.

Let’s unveil the process –

  • Everything begins with the concept of ideation, and so does an app that starts with the same. However, when considering the idea then it could be a solution to any problem that a majority of users are facing or might be a way to enhance user experience to push the boundaries.

  • The next step is to strategize and plan your application’s audience, features, purpose, and platforms to make it live. It’s a crucial process, hence you are advised to create a roadmap before getting into the development phase.

  • After that, go for the designing part by understanding the concept of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Reach out to the team of dedicated designers to create a visually appealing design with intuitive features. In this stage, prototypes and wireframes would bring life to the concept.

  • In the next stage, let’s talk about development, as this is the most important part of any application formation procedure. The process includes writing code for chosen programming languages, such as Kotlin for Android apps or Swift for IOS. There are several other companies that offer custom and cross-platform application development services, hence hiring them would be beneficial for you.

  • Once completed the development part, rigorous testing would be beneficial in every means as it helps to understand whether the app functions are seamless and bug-free or not. During this phase, user feedback is important to understand and refine invaluable user experience.

  • After conducting the testing assessment, it’s time to deploy the application to popular app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Meanwhile, underneath this stage, the process involves app descriptions, metadata creation, and screenshots to be added.

  • Marketing and post-launch support are vital to follow. This will let users get to know about the recently launched application and how it would be beneficial for them. At the same time, maintenance and post-launch support helps to fix bugs while offering regular updates and features to keep the app engaging.

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A Detailed Overview of Finding the Top App Development Company in USA

To reach maximum user engagement, companies want to create more customized apps for businesses to increase maximum ROI. They are eager to foster the opportunity of capitalizing, as the application development industry is booming in the USA. Now, to understand the market trends, most top mobile app development companies in the US tried hard to offer custom-tailored experiences with diverse services. In this trait, most companies have idealized themselves to proffer expertise in platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows by adding up new technologies and skills like artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Meanwhile, before hiring any application development company or services, make sure to follow these intriguing facts about the companies for a hassle-free process:

  • It is advisable to take the advice of a skilled mobile app developer’s team like ITEconic before heading up a project.

  • Here with us, you can rely to get most of the additional understanding of how much it costs for developing an application.

  • While analyzing the cost, one of the most important factors would be understanding the technology stack that you might choose for making the clone app just like Threads.

  • Further, you can ask for professional help that might be helpful to understand the overall location, staff size, and finally the hourly rate of the professionals.

  • The approximate cost of developing a car moving application like Ekar would cost you between $45,000 to $95,000, while, Threads might cost you between $80,000 to $120,000 based on the overall complexity and help that might make you identify what to choose and from where.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to hire the best mobile app development company in the USA?

Hiring the best company for your mobile app can be a troublous job, but now anymore. Simply stick to these points for an easygoing process:

  • Research for the company with an extensive portfolio

  • Years of experience are also important

  • A team of full-fledged app developers you can ignore

  • Cost-effective solutions and a budget-friendly quote are what you are looking for

  • A Wide range of services and expertise in the latest technology is a must

These are a few of the important points you must consider, before hiring the best mobile app development company in the USA. To ease out your research, you can contact us for a more personalized quote for your next big app project.

Q. How much does it cost to publish an app on the App Store?

Publishing a fully-functional mobile app on the App Store can cost you a $99 annual fee in the United States. While, if you look for Google Play then you might need to pay only a one-time registration fee of $25 to make your app go live.

Q. How much does the average iOS app development cost in the US?

The average cost would fall under some categories like the number of advanced features you want, how your design should look, how complex your app would be, and so on.

While, if you consider paying the average iOS app development cost in US, it will fall as:

  1. Small app development cost - $5,000 to $20,000 (with min 2-4 months of development time)

  2. Medium app development cost - $20,000 to $46,000 (with min 4-8 months of development time)

  3. Complex app development cost - $46,000-$50,000+ (with min 8 months or more development time)

Q. What are the benefits of developing cross-platform apps in the US?

Considering the benefits of cross-platform app development, you can have a look at the following points:

  • Unified look with a great feel

  • Lower app development cost

  • Helps to reach a wider audience

  • Simplified process with advanced development tools


At ITEconic, we develop cross-platform applications that bring the best opportunity for your business growth.

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