What Are The Key Factors of Mobile App Development A Startup Should Focus?

Developing a mobile app can be a tedious task to perform, especially if you are not fortunate with a team of best mobile app developers for startup. But, don’t get worried about anything, as here, we have compiled the top key factors that every startup should focus on while hiring a mobile app development company for their business. Nevertheless, apps are recognized as the best way to boost business growth, resulting in the market becoming highly competitive and the overall mobile app development cost has increased as well.

Now, if you’re a startup business, we can understand your budget is restrained. However, if you are planning to develop a mobile application for your business landscape, then here are a few questions that you must think about before approaching to app development company:

·       What type of mobile app do your users need?

·       Does your application is apt to provide solutions?

·       If so, then how would your app offer solutions to the target audience?

·       Is your application unique enough to gain recognition in the competitive market?

Once you find out the answers, the next step would be hiring a team of best mobile app developers for Startup, just like ITEconic offers. With the company, it is easy to build an interactive, robust, feature-rich, and scalable app that can easily convey your business’s/brand’s perception.

Want to Make Your Mobile App Successful? Hire the Top App Development Company in USA

If we focus on today’s mobile application technology, then you can see companies are looking forward to building customer-centric applications that cover technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and a lot more. While focusing on tools and platforms then apps developed by Flutter, React Native, Swift, and Ionic, are in trend, and businesses want to build fool-proof cross-platform, iOS, and Android apps.

While, a need for mobile app development for businesses, apart from focusing on features, there are some other useful factors as well that need to be considered, including:

User-Centric To Get More Active Users on Board

At the time of the mobile application launch, who are your ideal users gonna be? Just, think about them, and find out the features and characteristics that will suit your particular demographic audience. It is well noted that, when your application is user-centric, it tends to attract more users, increasing the chances of converting them into business. The market demands to create a highly engaging application, so whether you want to develop a restaurant mobile app or want to create a healthcare or real estate app, make sure it must be user-centric and highly engaging.

User Feedback is Crucial

While to make any positive changes or to improve your application performance by making it more likable, user feedback is important to gather all the useful details and information. Many astounding app development company/ companies majorly focus on the user’s point of view; hence they tend to create a captivating and compelling mobile application.

A Full-Fledged and Polished App

Have you seen the design and performance of popular mobile apps like WeatherBug, GPS Guide, and the Paint Calculator? Then, probably you might be understood that the application with poor designs will not help you to grow your ROI. On the other hand, if you look at the apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Myntra, and BlinkIt, then you must agree that apps with polished feel and great visual appearance can attain maximum user engagement, as they want visually appealing apps with great functionality.

Strong USP Is A Must

USP stands for the Unique Selling Point is a strategy that is useful to build a strong and unique mobile application. So, if you are a startup, then this point is important to consider to launch a successful app with unique features. Let’s take an example of the Urban Company previously known as Urban Clap, it started to provide home services like salons, repairs, and beauty services, along with others. You just need to fill in your personal details and select the service and all your possible solutions will be delivered at home. This might be a very different business model from others, making it unique from the rest of the competition.

Find The Core Feature of Your App

Make sure to consider that your application should be known to hold its strongest features because users don’t prefer mobile apps that are way too complicated and promotes multiple features all under one app. Being a startup, you should know any application would become successful if it serves the purpose of doing one task at a time and performing it very well. And to succeed in the business, make sure to contact ITEconic’s team of the best mobile app developers for Startup, to develop a fully-functional app that drove you the best outcome or results.

A Digital Solution App To Help Your Users

Your device-enabled mobile app, also known as a digital solution, this is because it resolves a problem by offering success factors in the market. Irrespective of having so many success factors, you would need to see which main problem of users your app is solving. For Example, if you own up a beauty app, while it adds up a loyalty program scheme to offer your customers great discounts and special offers, then your app would be more likable and usable.

In case, you don’t know what is Loyalty Program and how to develop it, then we are here to help you in every possible way!

Focusing Key Factors Before Contacting Best Mobile App Developers For Startup

Developing a mobile app can be a crucial step for startups to establish their presence, reach a wider audience, and deliver value to their target market. However, to ensure the success of the app, startups need to focus on several key factors before contacting the top app development company in USA, India, or any other country around the world. To make any app successful, you need more than just funds, and having a team of best mobile app developers for Startup is a must. As the experts work more on the quality, resulting you get a next-gen application with amazing features.

Brands with mobile apps intend to entice their loyal clients in almost every way possible, leaving startups to focus on some important key factors while developing a mobile app. These factors include:

·       Creating a unique value proposition that sets the app apart from competitors is another vital factor.

·       User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) play a significant role in-app engagement and retention.

·       Performance optimization is also crucial as users expect fast load times and smooth operation.

·       Continuous improvement through user feedback and updates is vital to keep the app relevant and competitive.

When any user encounter with your business application for the very first time, they are likely to get noticed how effective your app UI is along with how important features your app is going to offer with quality updates and bug fixes methodology. Below neath is a detailed success factors for mobile applications that every startup should consider to ensure its success.

Some essential areas to focus on:                           

  1. Target Audience:

Have a knowledge of your defining target audience by understanding their needs and preferences. By conducting thorough market research and gathering user feedback on search engines and social media, startups can tailor their app to meet user expectations effectively. While conducting market research make sure to consider:

·       What are the ongoing trends in demand?

·       Identify who your potential competitors are by focusing on their strategies and strengths, along with their success rate.

·       Define your app objective to offer the right scalable solutions.

  1. Unique Value Proposition:

Differentiate your app in this competitive industry by offering a unique value proposition. Identify what sets your app apart from competitors and highlight its advantages. Focus on solving a specific problem or providing a better solution than existing alternatives. By addressing a specific problem or offering a better solution, startups can attract users and stand out in the crowded app market. On the other hand, if you would be successful to define your app’s purpose to do an elevator pitch.

  1. Intuitive User Experience:

Pay attention to the app's navigation, layout, visual design, and responsiveness across different devices and screen sizes. Conduct usability testing to refine and improve the UX/UI. Startups should invest in creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface that provides a seamless experience across different devices.

  1. Performance and Speed:

Users have little patience for slow or buggy apps, so invest in efficient coding, minimize network requests, and regularly test and optimize performance. Additionally, startups should select the right platform(s) for their app, prioritize core features, ensure security and privacy, and focus on app store optimization (ASO) to improve discoverability.

  1. Platform Selection:

Determine the target platform(s) for your mobile app—iOS, Android, or both. Consider the preferences and behavior of your target audience, market share, and development resources when deciding on the platform(s) to focus on initially.

  1. Feature Prioritization:

Identify the core features that deliver the most value to your users. Prioritize these features to launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) first, then gather feedback to guide future updates and additions. Avoid feature bloat, as it can overwhelm users and hinder app performance.

  1. Security and Privacy:

Implement robust security measures to protect user data and privacy. Adhere to industry best practices, including secure data storage, encryption, and authentication. Comply with relevant data protection regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA, depending on your target audience and geographical scope.

  1. App Store Optimization (ASO):

Conduct keyword research, write compelling descriptions, utilize high-quality screenshots and videos, and encourage positive reviews. ASO helps improve your app's rankings and attracts more organic downloads.

  1. Seamless Integration:

Consider integrating your app with other platforms or services to enhance functionality and provide a seamless user experience. For example, integrating with social media platforms, payment gateways, or third-party APIs can add value and convenience to users.

  1. Continuous Improvement:

Launching the app is just the beginning. Monitor user feedback, track analytics, and iterate based on the data. Regularly update the app to fix bugs, introduce new features, and enhance performance. Actively engage with users to understand their evolving needs and expectations.

By considering these key factors, startups can increase their chances of developing a successful mobile app with the help of the best mobile app development company in USA. Remember, the success of a mobile app depends not only on its development but also on effective marketing, customer support, and ongoing maintenance.

ITEconic Expert Tip -

Some Other Noteworthy Factors to Consider


·       While, hiring an app development company, make sure to take up factors into consideration like market share, revenue, and your target audience to prioritize business goals.

·       To be unique, you can proffer your user’s offline access to utilize some of the app features. This will make the user connected and loyal to your app even if there is no internet connectivity on your device.

·       Your application’s UI – User Interface must be quick, simple, and easy to use for effortless navigation across the app.

·       Quick faster load time makes a strong impression in the users head.

·       Understand the importance of user feedback and keep updating your mobile app to facilitate new features.



Successful Mobile App Features A Startup Focus While Contacting App Development Company

A start-up guide - Wondering about what are the successful mobile app features to include in a mobile app? Then, you will be amassed to know that there’s a misconception between companies to bring more features to the user’s table to make the application more likable. But, adding a plethora of features means, you have to pay more for overall app development cost that can even make your dream application complicated for usage.

However, to be up on the global trends, you must include all smart combinations to make your mobile application successful. Below neath we have added the best features that you can swear by:

1.    Using the benefits of the latest technology

Apps utilizing the benefits of the latest technologies like AI, machine learning, and data science have befitting benefits that can make your mobile app successful. Users are looking forward to having a hand in applications that are more convenient and user-centric with technology-driven resources.

2.    Trending cross-platform apps

Nowadays, apps supporting the number of varied screens and platforms are appreciated. Building a native one could cost you a hefty amount, while cross-platform or hybrid ones are the best to save up on resources, resulting in less mobile app development cost. While, here at ITEconic, we are backed to give you comprehensive support and services by using the latest cross-platform development frameworks like React Native to build successful apps while saving high costs.

3.    Security is the key

Time and again, fraudsters have proved why security is important that’s why our team of best mobile app developers for Startup are working progressively to build secure apps with faster loading times. There are several practices that most app development companies use to build a hack-proof app and we deliver the same results at less cost. There are several E-commerce or Q-commerce apps created by us that involve in-app payments, resulting in considering the secure payment gateway is crucial.

4.    Prompt business solutions

The idea of developing an app would be to offer solutions for every business type. So, if your application is capable enough to offer robust solutions to solve problems of your engaging customers, it automatically attracts users and as a result, your business will drive more sales and profit.

5.    Ideal connectivity standards

Another success factor for your mobile app would be if it is built with modern world technology, which fosters the connectivity features. If we talk about the ongoing trend, then there are applications working with no internet connections that have gained huge popularity amongst users, making them eligible to utilize a few of the app features without having a prominent internet connection.

6.    Reliable customer support

Recently a large section of application users have complained about the failing customer support system, which makes their entire experience with the app a hell-head poor. First of all every brand/company/organization needs to offer seamless and easy-to-navigate app customer support services, since a majority of app users are not tech-savvy. Thus, the need for functioning customer support has increased to make the application performance up to the mark.

7.    Personalization for the premium experience

Users love to hover over a personalized experience on the app, designed as per their needs. According to the research, more than 70% of users expect that the application may offer them personalized success factors like text, notifications, search results, theme, etc. to understand user behavior and get more information through their profile stores.

To Conclude Everything

While considering the mobile app development key factors for startups, one should keep in mind that the mobile app should be highly innovative, satisfactory, user-friendly, intuitive, and fulfill all the requirements that the end user asked for it. Taking these factors into consideration would help you to build a scalable mobile app that would offer an enhanced and personalized user experience.

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